Prebuilt Elite: Dangerous VisitedStarsCache.dat file containing all visited stars with confirmed coordinates from EDSM.

Details About the Cache

The file is generation is started every day at 11:00 UTC, with the file being made available shortly after, and contains all the star systems from the current EDSM Nightly Dump.


The current file was generated at 11:04:16 6 June 2020 UTC

Systems Included

The current file contains 50,342,581 Star Systems.

Total Size

When extracted, the current file is 768MB in size.

Download and Use It

Get the file, and use it instantly.

How To Use It

Unzip the downloaded file and put the dat file into the %LocalAppData%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\<CMDR_ID> folder. You'll need to work out what your CMDR ID is, but it'll have an existing VisitedStarsCache.dat file in it.
Make sure you back up your existing file if you want to revert to it!

Shout Outs and Stuff.

Created by recrudesce based on the brilliant idea by Tom, using code from Uriel as a base.

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